Tuesday, December 15, 2009


In my last blog I touched on prayer and I'd like to continue it...take it a step further (if that's possible). In Toby Mac's newest song, we get a sample of what true community should be 'on Earth as it is in Heaven.' I decided to use 'The Lord's Prayer' (the Message version) as my transition from prayer to getting serious...

Once you're done watching the lyrics and listening (I recommend you really absorb it-listen to it more than once), come back to my blog to finish reading some of my thoughts...

So what did you think? Did you like it? What kind of emotions did it invoke from deep within you? It's the beginning that kicked me in the face: 'if you gotta start somewhere, why not here?' and 'if you gotta start sometime why not now?' Thought provoking is it not? I mean, in today's world it's all about convenience and how there isn't enough time in our day-not just for God, but for others too, we only seem to find time for us or at least what 'maximizes' our time (with the mind thought of: what do I get out of it?).
I'm curious...how do you spell CHRISTIAN? I used all capital letters so that it wouldn't give away my thought process, but seriously...how do you spell it? When I spell it, it's like this: 'Christian'-not just to honor or emphasize Christ as the root of the word, but to emphasize something behind it all: 'commitment'.
When most think of Christianity, or what it means to be a Christian, people automatically run through a list of what it means to be that...forgetting that it really means to be committed to that 'list' because they truly believe it in their hearts. And for some, this is where we find a line between the 'sinners and the saints'-even among those in the church. I mean think about it, the Pharisees knew God's word like the back of their hands, but not in their hearts. And when Jesus got more attention than them and they found he was wiser and had humility, they didn't welcome him with open arms...they became jealous, prideful and condemned him!
In today's world...this still happens-people attaching labels to others based on their preconceived ideas of what a 'true' friend would do or not do in any given situation, or even in the work place...when we take it a step further, that's how many see it in the church (no different). Instead of focusing on what unifies us as Christians: Jesus, we have a nasty tendency to point out our differences which leaves me to think-especially this time of year...'where is the love?'
So this holiday season I challenge you to focus on Christ this Christmas. Don't forget your prayer life and don't neglect God's call upon your life. If you're unsure of what direction He has set for you, it's time to purge yourself of too much 'you'. Because I really do think Toby's onto something...if not me, then who, if not here, where, if not now, when??? If we keep putting His call off until tomorrow, next week, next month, or next year-especially when we know what we ought to do, then we only guarantee it doesn't get done until we're 'ready'. Is being a Christian about convenience?