Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Mechanics of Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth should begin with a desire to grow-to do more and become more than just a 'lukewarm Christian'. It starts with the desire to move beyond the comfort we have isolated ourselves to.
Too often when we talk of 'spiritual growth' we talk out of guilt and obligation rather than a deep passion to grow through our failure-to take the road of frustration and surprise...the unknown for those of us seeking to take go deeper.
Spiritual growth isn't a 'program' or regiment of prayer, Bible studies, service, and going to church's so much more. Sure, prayer and all the above can contribute to change, but it's more than just simple mechanics or a procedure. You see spiritual growth occurs in the trenches of life, not in a classroom or youth group setting-it's about application and the utilization of the tools God has given us. And in that application we sometimes learn that the Holy Spirit asks us to violate our convictions in order to live the faith we claim-not to just talk of it.
We can talk about love all we want, but loving those who are deemed to be unlovable is how we learn to love. In previous blogs I have mentioned the freedom God gave to us through His son. In John 8:32 Jesus talks about truth and how it will set us free. And the truth is we are free to choose the good or the bad-the right or wrong everyday. Because of our freedom in Christ we can either run to Him or run from Him and choose our own way-or the world's way.
So the question becomes: are we to encourage others to fail in order to grow? Or are we to encourage others to grow which means they will fail? Well here's what Paul had to share in his letter to the people of Philippi.
Paul himself said he didn't have it all together, but urges the people to remain focused on Him. I think we can focus on following Jesus, I mean if we can carry a cell phone with us 24/7 and claim it to be our life line, perhaps we can carry Jesus in our hearts and remember God's precepts. The Psalmist said 'I will about in freedom, for I have sought out your precepts-in my previous blog concerning Micah 6:8, I think God's precepts can be found there...let's learn to listen to that desire burning with in and walk humbly with our God.
I would like to close with more wisdom from Mike Yaconelli:
'Most Christians consider being 'stuck' a sign of failure or burnout, an indication that a person isn't working hard enough on their spiritual life. The assumption is, if you are stuck in your spiritual life, you aren't doing something right because 'dedicated' Christians should never be stuck. Nothing could be more untrue.
Getting stuck is the prerequisite to getting unstuck. Getting stuck is a great moment, a call from within. We get stuck when we want to change but can't, when we want to stop destructive behavior but don't, when the tug-o-war between God's will and ours stands still and we can't move.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy New Year!

Have you ever stopped and thought about the year that was? I mean this year, 2008 or any other year previously. Have you really thought about what God has been telling you all year-or at least what He has tried to tell you throughout the year?
Have you ever read Micah 6:8? If you haven't, I'll save you some's what it says: 'He has showed you, O man, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.' (NIV)
Of course, it may depend on your translation, but basically it sounds like around this time of year we take a look back at our accomplishments and failures-of course we don't focus on the failures, but I wonder whether or not in our fond memories and not-so-fond memories we have learned what God has taught us this past year.
I just got done with a Lock-In and showed 'The Passion of The Christ'. After it was done many of the youth said it changed their perspective on Christ's sacrifice. Interesting huh? Many said it evoked some emotions that made them boil within. Which of course was the hope since Christmas was just celebrated, I thought it would be fitting to show the movie that got to the heart of Christmas-Christ. During Christmas we talk of His virgin birth and open presents, but I think we forget that his birth was the 'hope' and that His death was God's gift to us.
I know I wrote about it briefly in my last blog, but I don't think I elaborated on it enough. As we end 2008 I hope that we remember that 2008 even with all it's failures and blessings has a lot to teach us about what God has in store for us in 2009.
I think if we don't do what is good, act justly, love mercy, or walk humbly with God we are only deluding ourselves. When you look back at 2008 do you think about your accomplishments or the things that were made possible through you for God's glory?
It's a challenge to do what is right and to give mercy to those who we feel don't deserve it. And it's even harder to walk humbly in our daily lives when we sometimes forget the provider of all that that we have and enjoy/take for granted.
So where am I going with this...well...ask yourself this as you reflect on 2008: Did you do what was good or did you retaliate? Did you act justly or give back what was given to you 10x's worse? Did you love and give mercy when it wasn't convenient for you or did you discard feeble attempts to reconcile? Have you been walking humbly or did you toot your own horn when it best suited you-so that you looked better than the rest?
I guess when I reflect on 2008 I noticed I failed a lot in 2008-especially when it came to Micah 6:8. Normally, I think I do pretty good, but I know I diluted myself just as many of us do. Classic example was my brother. Regardless of what you know of him, know this...he and I have since become close due to his attempts to move on. Although it was hard and it seemed like he was a broken record...he did shock me when he decided to take responsibility-or at least what I interpreted as an attempt to reach out in his brokenness and uncertainty.
As everyone searches for clarity and security, this much I know. If we were to follow Micah 6:8 everyday...I think we'd make life a bit easier on ourselves. There's no room for ego if God is in's about walking humbly and being open to His will and direction for you in 2009 and for the rest of your life.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I felt led to share something not just from Mike Yaconelli's book, but from personal experience...
There are too many who carry with them the scars of physical, emotional, and even psychological abuse. Too many are haunted by memories of a time when they were acted upon against their will-whether it be the 'ball and chain' of divorce, broken relationships, or betrayal...they all can leave someone scared and bitter. There are far too many who are trapped between facing their past and running from it and in today's world there's an increasing number of people whose past abuse has convinced them of their unworthiness. The sad part is, it's the abused who often disqualify themselves from the possibility of God's grace and the love of those around them.
I guess I can't stop going back to the woman at the well who had a transforming experience-a once in a life time encounter with Christ. You see, nothing had changed about her past, but everything had changed for her. She found a new focus, the haunting memories were still her past, but hope was now an essential part of her present.
As messy as our past has been, we are now free to seek the spiritual life with a renewed sense of eagerness and simplicity. When we focus on our 'ball and chain' we are choosing to look back and prevent ourselves from moving on or looking ahead. Now, if we focus on what lies ahead-the openness of God's world is limitless and has no bounds.
So this Christmas choose to be free! Don't be frozen or stuck to your past, be liberated by the goodness and saving grace of Jesus. After all, that was His present to be able to live in the arms of Grace.
My challenge is that each time you open up a present you remember Jesus' gift to you-not just on Christmas morn (the hope), but on that cross (freedom). From my family to yours...Merry Christmas.

Friday, December 19, 2008


A while back I read a book called 'UnChristian' which David Kinnaman provides the reader with objective and for some, shocking research about what those on the outside looking in witnessed and think about Christians.
I think it's interesting that the major theme throughout the book revealed that we have an image problem. The irony, I think is that we call ourselves Christians, yet don't act like it when we should. For instance our inability as a church to reach out to those in need seeking redemption and acceptance usually don't find it when they visit.
We are too busy building walls that keep the things we find too scary or uncomfortable to deal with outside-outside of our zone. And then we spend too much time defending the fort and have lost sight of Jesus-the cornerstone of our faith.
The lack of positive experiences from our youth and our young people impacts the divisive thoughts they have and even re-enforces theirs perceptions. We say we 'claim the name,' but a line ourselves with what's comfortable. While I know it's been used in past blogs, I can't say it enough, Jesus said 'It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.'
The doors should be open to all and we should listen to their deep yearning for God. They may not know it, but their search is for God and according to Jesus each person is salvageable, teachable, and redeemable if only we were to listen and invest what God has already granted us in our lives-health, wealth, and the ability to be the hands and feet of Jesus.
When Jesus meets our past He doesn't dwell on what we dwell-the bleakness of our future, sure the transition is going to be struggle, but what He sees in our future-is that our past is irrelevant and it's our desire He sees and seeks.
I know not everything resonates with those on the outside looking in and that some are beyond saving, but I don't think it's not up to us to decide that-it's between that person and God whether a change can happen.
Think about it, the woman at the well...she had some knowledge of a coming Messiah and even called Him a prophet which indicates she had experiences in the religious circles of that time, but it was only after running into the Messiah that she began to see how irrelevant her past was. Since He saw through her, she ran back to tell everyone 'Come, see a man who told me everything I ever did'. She found freedom in it and I think that's something we all seek, even those of us who are on the inside looking out-seeking answers that may have already been given but are too hard to swallow.
Do you think we have an image problem? Do you have friends who have harsh criticisms about our God and His church? Is it organized religion that bothers them or their experiences that have left them burned and marginalized? I say take the time to listen and hear the uncomfortable words and truth they slow to anger and help mend some wounds. Know that it will take time to heal and mend this image problem we have...but know it's also worth it! After all, it's for the Kingdom of God and all His people...who are we to deny entrance to a soul seeking individual- regardless of their past, color, political affiliation, or even gender?
Have a slice of humble pie...and share it with your friends.

Chris' Corner

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Thursday, December 18, 2008


Rejection is the paralyzing experience of disapproval and exclusion. Rejection is what keeps others at arms length and gives the stamp of 'loser' to those outside the circle.
Remember the talk about how Jesus was quoted as saying: 'It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.' He wasn't just talking about those who are physically sick-with whom many He had performed miracles, but for those who are spiritually sick, broken, lost, and seeking something to fill that void in their lives.
Many search to fill their void in empty relationships-trying desperately to make things work when they know better. Perhaps lose themselves in keeping busy-taking on more than they can handle in order to keep up with an image that isn't them or to attain something that will never truly be them. Whatever path they take, they often end up broken and left feeling even more empty.
So I give you the Samaritan Woman at the well. Forget what you think you know about the story, read it again anew. I need you to refresh your memory so that we can unpack this a bit more...
Okay, now that you've read it think about it. She had five about a failure. Talk about someone who's a moral disaster and has failed too many times and made too many mistakes-especially in the department of love. The woman is a mess and of all the people she runs's Jesus. Now remember, she's a Samaritan woman going to get water (background: some scholars believe she came to the well around 12pm, when it was hottest during the day and because of her shame-everyone else would go to the well in the morning when it's the coolest) and she encountered Jesus who's tired and requests a drink.
Now, a respectable Jewish male shouldn't be talking to a Samaritan woman (it's okay though because we already know Jesus had the whole 'God' thing wrong-you know, healing on the Sabbath).
Curious, Jesus doesn't lecture or humiliate her...instead He treats her with respect and even takes the time to listen. And instead of focusing on her mistakes He simply reminds her of where her choices have led her.
Interesting huh? Now teenagers are known for pushing the envelope in just about every area of life-pushing the buttons of those around them...especially parents. And even when a child screws up (or when we screw up) and the deserve the whole 'I told you so' speech, some don't get what they deserve (we don't always get what we deserve). They know they're busted and come broken expecting a punishment, but Jesus never did.
Even when a woman was caught in the act and all the evidence pointed to her mistake...He said something so simple, yet so humbling: 'If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her.' You know what happened? Those who were so bent on busting someone-quick to condemn and point out their flaws and sought 'justice' were humbled by Jesus who merely put them in their place by offering them a different perspective.
Too often we find ourselves standing before the well-our well or void, looking for an answer and seek to find fulfillment. And after we've tried it our way and come back broken-we find someone there requesting our time...the funny thing is He's been there the whole time, we just haven't noticed or listened.
Now, go and be like the Samaritan woman (be free from your past) and the sinner who was dragged before Christ-go in peace and rejoice in the forgiving water given to you. Drink deeply and be whole for when there are condemners remember this: they haven't eaten their slice of humble pie.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I have enjoyed reading Mike Yaconelli's book called 'Messy Spirituality'. For a while now I've been sharing some of my reflections after reading a chapter or a portion of a chapter...and this one I think hits the 'nail on the head'.
Last time I talked about the blind man who was healed because of his faith. What I would like to focus on was what happened afterward. But before I get started I want to start by talking about what Mike refers to as the 'Kingdom Monitors'. This term refers to those who know the Scripture like the back of their hand, but don't know it in their hearts. He says they are the ones who should start celebrations, but instead are the first to condemn any action outside of what they think is right.
Now, depending on your translation the portion I'm about to talk about is called 'The Pharisees Investigate the Healing'. If you haven't read all of John chapter 9 yet, I suggest you take a careful look. You see, instead of rejoicing in this mans new found ability to see, they grilled him with questions like: 'how did you receive your sight?' After he gave them his answer, they argued amongst themselves-and were divided. Then they turned to the man asking him what he thought about Jesus and he thought Him to be a prophet, but they still did not believe. They even went so far as to ask for his parents and out of fear they told the Jewish leaders to ask their again because 'he is of age.'
I will stop there because the meat on the bone for this isn't just the grilling of the poor man, but the part about how Jesus was doing 'God' all wrong-you don't heal on the Sabbath. What's worse is that in today's church there are many who think that there are those who come to church who have this whole 'God' thing wrong too-not wearing their Sunday best, not cleanly shaven, not quiet during the sermon-you shouldn't bring children to church (you take them to the nursery) and if you have a caugh you should stay home.
Like in Jesus' day...He had it wrong and was considered a blasphemer. And when someone has it wrong in church today-whether it be the pastor, a young adult, or someone dealing with a lot on their plate...there's no celebration for trying in spite of their situation-they're told to 'follow the rules'. Remember those unwritten rules I wrote about a couple blogs back???
I think it's sad that the religious leaders were too caught up in an image or a regulatory type of faith or even a right or wrong way of living your faith. Too often we condemn those living an 'unBiblical' life style forgetting that we shouldn't condone it, but we should redeem it through grace.
You see, Jesus has always righted the wrongs. When they asked him why he hung out with those who were frowned upon by most...He said 'It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners'.
So the next time we condemn, lets remember that we are all sinners and that through Christ we are all forgiven. Put those you know on notice because I think this whole business has essentially ruined the way those on the outside of Christianity or those who have been marginalized by Christians look at us. It's true we have an image problem...but it's not just on the outside of the church, it's inside as well.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Overcoming the Saboteurs of Spirituality

'Blind man stood by the road and he cried, Blind man stood by the road and he cried, he cried, oh-oh, show me the way'-well not exactly, but it's a good song.
In Luke 18 we read of many things, but the one that struck me was the story of the Blind Beggar. You see, there was a blind man who had heard that Jesus was coming and when he found out Christ was coming near...he said 'Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!' Now you would think that those who came to listen to Jesus or to be near Jesus would be gracious, but instead they told him to keep quite.
In today's world and in today's church that's all that needs to be said. 'Be quiet'! It would seem that it's now human nature to silence those who interrupt our routine and our understanding. We don't like those who speak up and disrupt the status quo-those who refuse to keep quiet reject the compliance way of life (going through the motions steeped in 'traditions'). The truth is hard to hear isn't it? We would rather have people be silent than say anything disturbing about faith.
Now, interestingly enough when he was told to be quiet it embolden the man to become even louder. Wow, if only we had the courage to be as bold. Because you see, Jesus heard him and something was done-his faith made him whole.
Perhaps it's time we stepped up in faith and shouted louder! Especially for what is right concerning the Body of Christ-God's Church. It's not that traditions are bad, it's just that a lot of 'traditions' aren't rooted in Biblical teachings or principles.
I would like to close with a story that Mike shares in his book: Messy Spirituality. This story talks about a young woman who started working at an inner-city church. As time went on she started working with gang members. At one point she actually got them interested in attending church, but she decided to seat them in the balcony away from the usual congregation members. Once the pastor was done giving his sermon, one of the gang members got up and said 'Dude, you rock!'.
Would you like to know the congregations response? They turned around and were appalled. After the service she was confronted by various congregation members and leaders and told not to invite any more gang members in until they learned to behave because that was 'inappropriate.'
Feeling this was wrong, she continued...she was later fired, not thanked for her hard work and for touching the lives of those youth-rather she was fired and those youth went back to what they knew-rejection and intolerance.
It would seem this church was more concerned about comfort than it was about a group of gang members' discomforting search and struggle with spirituality and God.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Trip To The ER

Did you know that one of Holly's favorite shows is 'ER'? Well I knew that, but it wasn't the reason we were taking this trip to the ER-this wasn't for a tour, it was for an actual EMERGENCY!
Last night unbeknownst to me and our hosts Holly was experiencing some lower back pain. She passed it off as something that was kicking her butt now because of how she might have slept the previous night. Ironically enough, she had the same issue the day turns out, lower back pain is a precursor to kidney issues. In this case, kidney stones.
It turns out my wife, when she woke up this morning in agonizing pain was actually passing a kidney stone! Forget what you think you know about kidney stones-unless you've actually had them, because you're wrong...they ARE worse than you think. As a matter of fact, there's a doctor who's had women who have had babies and kidney stones and when asked which was worse here's what they said 'I would rather have another baby than have pass another stone'. Now, given that's not every female, but it at least gives you an idea of what pain we're talking's intense.
So once you get done reading this, I want you to do me a favor. Pray for Holly's recovery. She's on some good drugs now from the ER, but when it wears off, all she has are some pills.

Monday, December 8, 2008

No Room For Pretending...

I am going to share something that hit me after reading from 'Messy Spirituality'-author: Mike Yaconelli. Now what I like about this book is the truth that can be found in each page of his writings. For some it would be radical and shocking, but for those in ministry, it's the 'messy truth' about ministry.
It would seem that there's an unwritten rule that exists among Christian circles and churches around the country. Pretend. It's where you ACT as though God is control of your life when you really don't believe He is. It's giving the impression that everything is okay when it's not. In our brokenness find a smile and tough it out. Pretend you believe when you doubt; hide imperfections and maintain the image. I think we do too much of that day in and day out. It's easier to pass someone in the mall or grocery store and go through the motions when they ask: 'hey, how are you?' And you answer 'I'm doing fine thank you.' Rather than 'burdening' them with your 'petty' issues or troubles.
It's interesting how today's culture really puts an emphasis on 'image'. You've seen it in the beer commercials or cigarette ads:drink this-get the girls, smoke this-you're cool! The irony is too often we don't know who we are because in our search we've given into things that were easier, but lead us down a path of brokenness and regret.
The truth is that pretending is practical-it's uncomplicated and quick. It has become the 'grease' of relationships-it gives the illusion of a relationship by connecting us on the basis of who we aren't. Here's a good example: FACEBOOK or MySpace
People are able to become who they aren't and give others the impression they're this or that. The same application can be made about going to church too. Going to church on Sundays gives the illusion that we're there for God, to worship, to grow, but in reality, we're a broken people who seek only to keep up an image that is nothing like us.
Think about it, if we were half as committed to God as we were to a basketball team or football team we'd be able to quote scripture instead of tenured coaches, records, and championships. If everything was stripped away and we came to God with where we truly were rather than where we want everyone to think we would have a true community of believers who didn't care if you wore jeans to church because that outward appearance didn't matter-your heart does.
I think it's time we stopped pretending and remembered God's church is the Body of Christ-broken, searching, longing, forgotten, lost; not the embodiment of the same ideals that only care about outside or image. God doesn't care if you have all the money, have it all and those that seem to have it all are usually just as lost or broken as those with little or nothing.
In closing I would like to share with you this quote from Henry Nouwen: 'He who thinks that he has finished is finished. Those who think that they have arrived, have lost their way. Those who think that they have reached their goal, have missed it. Those who think they are saints, are demons.'

Be Safe

Today's blog is different because it's about something outside of ministry...I'm worried about everyone who's driving today and tomorrow. The weather isn't going to be pretty later and I'm hoping that everyone stays safe.
Please allow yourself plenty of time to get to one place or another. If you don't have a 4x4 vehicle, remember that you can drive in 3rd or 2nd gear. Take your time-even if you're running late. I think I speak for your boss when I say they'd rather have you late due to weather and driving conditions than in a ditch or even worse.
So my prayer for today-since I know we're gonna get hit this afternoon, is that everyone remains safe and plans ahead. If you're traveling further and have a commute, then have your winter survival kit fully stocked-just in case, and if you're driving in town, remember, just because you have a green light doesn't mean you shouldn't look both ways-someone way be sliding your way because they didn't plan on the red light.
Perhaps later today I will write an actual blog about something 'spiritual' for you to chew on, but for now...chew on this: BE SAFE!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Running Away?

I thought I would take yesterdays blog a step further. Since we already know about Jesus' command to feed His sheep, I think it's time we chew on a couple more portions of God's Word: The Great Commission from Matt. 28 and the story of Elijah's search for God.
Here's a little background on Elijah. He had just showed the people the awesome power of God on Mt. Carmel in a contest with the prophets of Baal. Except he's now run into a bit of a see, Elijah ordered the people to capture and kill the prophets of Baal and the major draw back there is that the queen-Jezebel, didn't like that. Which brings us to Elijah's current situation-God challenging him to find God. Now, this wasn't a 'hide & seek' kind of thing, it was more of a wake-up call. You find Elijah talking about how 'I have zealously served the Lord God Almighty. But the people of Israel have broken their covenant with you, torn down your altars, and killed every one of your prophets. I am the only one left, and now they are trying to kill me, too.' He may sound like he's making up an excuse right? Running away because his life was in danger. In reality, he was running away because he lost faith. He lost focus of what he had just showed everyone else...that his God was the true God.
Even before he began his long journey angels woke him up to some warm bread and water. God had his back, but he lost focus of that and fled.
What does God do in this chaos? He brings him back. He stood before the Lord and witnessed great things, but of all those things...God was in the whisper. A whisper!
So here we are on the very planet God told us to be good stewards of, the very planet we are supposed to change, and in our daily clutter we've missed His whisper.
It's not that we have forgotten The Great Commission-everyone remembers that right?
I think it's time we regain our focus. I think it's time we listened to God's whisper in our lives. I think it's time that we go and make disciples-Elijah got back on track and commissioned Elisha. What would happen if we were to all make one disciple for Christ in addition to ourselves? Wouldn't that be something? Could we bring about change in our world? Might we be able to do Godly things without being ashamed of doing it?
Are you running away from something or someone? Is it God? You know, Jesus himself said this whole Christian thing wouldn't be easy, but he did promise us that he would be with us until the end of time. I think that should count for something.
Lets stop running and stand our ground for God. Go and stand where there's no one but you and God. Listen to him. Take the time to quiet your mind and your racing heart. Regain your focus.
Remember, when things get tough-it's not time to run, we already know what's down that path-brokenness, stress and isolation. It's time to stand our ground and seek our God in the chaos of life we've cluttered.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Feed My Sheep

Jesus asked Peter a simple question...'do you love me?' And of course Simon Peter said, 'Yes, Lord. You know I love you'. Do you know what Jesus said? 'Feed my sheep'.
Go check it out for yourself as I unpack what I think it says in John 21:12-17.
First you must note that this is the third time Jesus has appeared to his disciples since he had been raised from the dead. So they know this is Jesus, the same man who they saw on the cross, the same man who they buried, the same man whose tomb was empty just as he had predicted.
Interestingly enough back in Matthew 25:31-46 Jesus told of the Final Judgment. You know, the one about the 'least of these'.
I felt these two portions of scripture really go hand in hand. First Jesus said ‘I tell you the truth, when you refused to help the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were refusing to help me.’ And then He flat out tells us, 'FEED MY SHEEP'.
This really got me thinking though, how badly have we forgotten His words? How off track have we become as a Body of Christ? Last month I talked about the early church and how unstoppable they were because of the Spirit? Well, I wonder whether or not many are listening anymore. Are we truly feeding His sheep? Are we really doing all that we can to bring about His Kingdom or are we too focused on us to remember?
I urge you all to remember your place as mentioned in Romans 12:1-5. Here's what we're told: 'Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought, but rather think of yourself with sober judgment, in accordance with the measure of faith God has given you.'
So it comes down to faith. Jesus did use 'oh ye of little faith,' even to the disciples, but I pray that I too might remain faithful to His call...even to the least of these.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Got Faith?

We just finished celebrating Thanksgiving among family and friends. So how was it? Were you thankful for the time you had with them? Did you take pictures to capture that time of celebration? I know we did.
Do you suppose that God has memories of the day we were born, baptized, confirmed, or when we went to college? Do you think your Heavenly Father only remembers your short comings-do you feel as though your mother or father push too hard? Well take heart and crack open that Bible! Here are some verses you might want to check out: Romans 3:23, Psalm 130:3-5, & Romans 12:1-5
Believe it or not disappointment is a part of life. Too often though we become consumed by the pain of failure or even controlled by the thought/fear of failure. When it comes to God I think we need to remember that he chose mere human beings to do great things. All you need to do is think back to Sunday School lessons-Noah, Moses, David, & The Disciples. Noah was thought to be crazy, Moses was a murderer, David was an adulterer, and the disciples...well many times Jesus reprimanded them with this quote: 'Oh ye of little faith'.
Faith, what an interesting concept...sometimes I think we lack faith in ourselves. We're too quick to think less of ourselves in situations in which we were meant to shine. We're also too quick to cripple someone else in order to build ourselves up.
Jesus said all we needed was faith as small as a mustard seed. I know I'm lacking in that department, but I'm working on that...are you? Here's what Hebrews has to offer-Hebrews 11:1-3
Next time you feel as though you're running low on faith and feel as though you're too embarrassed or fearful of failure...remember Rev. 22:17 & 1st Cor. 12:13, because you might be thirsty for something beyond what you're used to. Break the mold! You're about to do great things...