Saturday, May 10, 2014


I have some wonderful and exciting news! My parents are coming back to the US. While many have wanted them to come home soon after the disaster, as they had lost everything, they are now making plans to return. According to my mom, they're heading here later this month. Now, I know that they had asked me NOT to ask for help, but I must as they have little to no funds. They depleted their funds to get tickets and won't have much at all once they're here-they're in need of money for the rest of the month.
According to their itinerary, they will be here next week...sooner than I had anticipated, but it will be great to see them again. While they won't need money for plane tickets, they will need help getting established and my hope is that you might be able, once again, to help. Every little bit helps. Below you will find a link to donate via PayPal. If you would rather, you may send it via snail mail:
PO Box 6
Plankinton, SD 57368

Thank you all so much for your thoughts and prayers-during our time of uncertainty and even today. I know I've been in touch with some via e-mail, but know that I am appreciative of the support you've shown and given to myself and my family. We are grateful for the love and compassion.