Saturday, February 7, 2009


In my last blog I talked about 'The Rabbi's Yoke'. I thought I would take it a step further because I know we're all dealing with things in our lives that we don't speak of. Things that when no one is looking-we often forget that God does and that whatever isn't known to everyone else, it's known to us and to God.
I thought I would share an uplifting portion of scripture with you and it's from Matthew 11:25-30, right before Jesus was baptized by John and His ministry really exploded (not ending, but continuing like a ripple affect in history).
I use that word because we sometimes find ourselves ready to 'explode' into a fit of anger and frustration because of what we've ironically done and not done in regards to how we ought to live.
We cause ourselves a lot of unnecessary heartache and pain-we beat ourselves up when we fail and sometimes it's because of our overconfidence we fail. But the important thing to remember is that the disciples did too-heck, even 'the one' (who He will build His church upon-a foundation) spoke out against Jesus' predictions and made a bold claim of himself and failed because he wasn't listening to what He was told.
In closing, I'd like to challenge you to remember God's instructions and to come humbly to the God of all creation-come and knell at His feet and give away your burdens...and I mean truly give them away.
Now, that I've blabbed and shared the verses with you, I'd like to share one more thing. It's a song called 'Come All You Weary' by Thrice. Enjoy the song and be sure to leave me some comments on what you thought about the song and the verse. It was no accident.


Holly said...

Amazing once again! Great song, and so true...for sure was not an accident He is really working through you and thats so amazing to see! Great job again! :)

kelly said...

Jeff, nice use of scripture and music to get your point across
good job and keep up God's work
Peace Kelly