Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Today was a great day! While I was hanging out in Lemstone-checking out Bibles, I saw who I thought was Bryan from Vota. I kind of followed them around (Vota's lead singer and his wife) and when he had headphones on to check out the music area, I decided to ask the question...'hey, is that Bryan from Vota?' His wife had a huge smile on her face and said yes. The band is back in Lincoln for three days-a break from the tour.
So I gleefully went back to the Bible section grabbed the Bible I had been eying for like an hour and bought it with the intent of having Bryan sign it for me.
Of course, it didn't quite happen as smoothly as I thought I would, I found myself stumbling over some words-which they both smiled and brushed off, and we found ourselves in a conversation about the People's City Mission and how they played for them last year and how they plan to play again this year-of course, we all hoped it wasn't at the same location-the event center was very dusty and gritty pizza wasn't exactly appetizing.
So this is a special edition/blog. Vota made my day and I thought I'd share!


Holly said...

YEAH! That is wonderful and SO cool! :) I'm glad you got your Bible signed! Hahaha, I can just picture you stumbling over words, but hey, its okay, I would have done the SAME thing! :) That is so cool, I'm glad that made your day!

Matt said...

Hey, so I was wondering if you were up for restarting our devotional? Let me know.