Monday, December 27, 2010


In an attempt to make myself feel better-in relation to posts from last year, I'm writing another blog to at least tie the amount of 'blog posts' from last year. Sad, I know...but I had to-especially considering this years goal was to post at least one blog a week. To date: I have failed!
Now, onto the blog that I wouldn't normally write...I have decided to write about my favorite NFL team: Da Saints! While I know we've had our issues this season concerning injuries, I know each team deals with that throughout a regular season. We've also had some issues with consistancy too-but again, what team doesn't deal with that throughout the season? It would seem that we've hit our stride here late in the season, with exception to the dropped game/opportunity against the Ravens last week. Like many of the loses this season we were in everyone of those games-including the loss to the Atlanta Falcons.
Which brings me to the 'meat' of my blog...tonight we play the Atlanta Falcons and it could determine who wins the NFC Conference title. Of course, there's another game after tonight's match up, but I think tonight's game will really determine who reigns supreme in the NFC. This has been one of those seasons with close games and teams that aren't budging a whole lot concerning the 'Win Column' of things...but right now, these two teams sit atop of the NFC.
I obviously have a bias concerning tonight's game-I would like to see my Saints win and eventually go to the Super Bowl. I'd like to see them mop up throughout the Playoffs and show everyone that repeating isn't as hard as everyone says it is. So far we've overcome some adversity-concerning the above mentioned, but I truly believe a teams edge come from within themselves. A recent game I'd like to submit for such a thought is last weeks Giants and Eagles game. Just as you thought the Eagles were about to lose...they come away with a win inspite of a 'seemingly insurmountable lead' held by the Giants. *That quote is one from Bill Walton an NBA guy who annoys me to no end.
Anyway, I submit my blog post for a Saints Repeat! I have hope that they might do it again, but given this season, there's no clear cut winner or favorite heading into the playoffs. The playoff picture isn't a clear one, but it looks to be a good one. I look forward to the playoffs with the same hopes I had earlier this year as the Saints and the Colts played in the Super Bowl.

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