Sunday, June 27, 2010


We are back at the Y-Camp and we've finished up small groups...small groups are done after we get back from our work sites-we got back a little early. The youth worked at the Victim's Advocacy Center and nailed out a page worth of 'work projects'/jobs. Everyone pitched in-in fact, Tony, our bus driver helped out too.

Here are some of the work projects the youth did:
-sanded hand rails (used wood putty to fill in any major chunks that would cause slivers)
-stained hand rails
-stained the walkway of handicap ramp
-stained the fence surrounding the center
-pulled weeds
-hauled mulch and dirt
-window washed
-smoothed out unevened rock in the drive way

All in all, the youth did a lot of our estimate they worked 140 hours-which is huge when you consider the Advocacy Center only has two full time employees and three very part time employees. We talked about it in small groups-imagine one person staining the whole handicap ramp or the the surrounding long would that have taken one person? The youth are proud of what they've already accomplished-even if they didn't get to meet the people who are currently staying there.

Well, don't be a stranger parents, friends, and family members...leave comments so that we all know that you've been keeping tabs on your youth.


Anonymous said...

Been thinking of all of you ( including the fire fighters)Good work done, I know those organizations really appreciate getting jobs done, that they just can't keep up with. We are hanging on your every post. Tell Maddy and the others Hi. We Love You. The Diedrichsens.

Anonymous said...

We are proud of ALL of you and the hard work that you are doing for others even though you don't have the opportunity to meet them. We keep you in our prayers throughout the week. We look forward in reading the posts and hearing about what you are doing. Tell Megan hello and give her a hug for us. We miss you, but know she is in good hands. Love, Sattlers

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful opportunity this is for the group. We are honored to be a part of FP, God is watching over us. I look forward to your blog report. Tell my kids, I am proud of them and their accomplishments. D. Peters.

pitcher12k said...

TONY!!!! Hahaha that is so great!! It is amazing how God can use us to accomplish such great things, and even in just one day! Ooh! This reminds me of another quote, hah this one is from Chicken Soup for the Christian Teenage Soul. A boy sat with another boy for lunch, the second boy did not really have friends at the school(high school, tough times) and so the first boy wanted to show some good old fashion Jesus love. He tried to stimulate conversation with him during lunch time, but the second boy never really said much. Eventually, they were moved to different lunches due to schedule changes. The first boy never heard a thank you, or any sort of comment, from the boy with few friends, if any. However, God helped him to see that even if he does not see the results of the harvest, he has still taken a part in the preparation(planting seed, watering, weeding, fertilizing, and so on) and God did something more in his heart. The youth on the trip may not meet those that they helped, but I am confident that God has worked, and will continue to work, in their hearts this week and many more to come!