Monday, June 28, 2010


Today's worksite wasn't one that we're used to...we helped out at the fairgrounds. There were some grumbles amongs the youth and even the youth leaders concerning the 'nature' of the work-after some discussion we all agreed (youth leaders) that this wasn't really something that fit into our missional goals.
Regardless, the youth continued on with little complaints-they recognized the oddity, if that's even a word and finished the work. Again, there weren't enough tools to do the job or even complete it. We also didn't have enough projects for the youth-they did some painting, cleaned out horse stalls-there were a lot, and cleaned the grandstands for their grand re-opening (on Wednesday).
All in all, the work got done and they're back at the YMCA enjoying their free time. We changed things up though-after their done with free time we will all have supper, small groups, evening activity-ultimate frisbee, and then camp fire. There's a lot left to the day huh?
Continue to pray for the fire fighters, the youth, and the youth leaders. We pray that tonight's campfire will continue to move the youth in the direction God has ordained for their lives.
*If the internet is still working...more to come.

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Anonymous said...

It is obvious you are on your way to a moving and rewarding experience for all. Thank you to Jeff & Chris and the rest of the youth leaders for engaging and challenging the youth. We are thinking and praying for all of you. Give everyone a hug for us.
Brett & Audrey