Saturday, June 22, 2013


Since I was unable to participate in the mission work today, I will simply add some pictures and some words from Tyler Foster, who is the other youth leader among us. 

Youth Trip Update:We spent today at Wind River Ranch working on multiple projects. Most projects involved clearing brush and downed trees to mitigate forest fires. Smokey the Bear would be proud.
Here is a picture of us all getting ready for camp fire. Chris and I are giving some important information concerning tomorrow and how important it is to communicate among roommates concerning keys.
Tonight we talked about not going to church anymore. We challenged the youth to no longer go to church but to be the church. We explained that "church" is not a location for Sundays at a given time and that worship should be in what we say and do for Christ. 
In our closing, we told them to be the church in all that they say and do. We used scripture from both Matthew 16:18 and I Peter 2:5
Continue to pray for these young people as they continue to wrestle with the idea of letting Christ be their foundation-in their relationships, hope, and confidence. 


Daniel Sperl said...

Sending prayers of support to all of our Plankinton crew. You guys are special and doing the Lord's work right now, even if he's set a tough hurdle out in front of everyone. Remember that he will walk beside, allow you to lean, and even carry you through trying times. Please relay that even though our prayers are in Sioux Falls right now, we're also praying for each and every one of you too!

pitcher12k said...

Tyler Foster huh? My wife may know him..I'll have to ask her.

Also, I just noticed these posts are two weeks guys must have been on the trip while we were on vacation!

Did Chris wear his shirt when you guys gave that talk? In the picture it looks like it may have been, but I can't see it well enough...Oh now that I look at it zoomed in it looks like it isn't. Shucks :/

On another note, is that Nate Jones in the picture?

Jeff said...

Yes, that was Nate "Thunder" Jones in that picture. We were fortunate enough to have him and his friends lead us in music.
And I'm pretty sure that Chris and I wore a lot of our old mission trip and youth group clothes on this particular occasion for ministry.
Glad to hear from you. It has been a long time.

It was a powerful week to say the least. Each time I have taken a crew on a Mission Trip, they have experienced something profound and beyond them. Which is God's work and not mine.