Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Just a short update:
Today I went and checked the mail at the post office in the hopes that our certified paperwork might be in our mailbox and that I could then send those documents onto the passport agency in Minneapolis, MN...but it wasn't meant to be. The sad part is that it looks as though we will be returning home, to Plankinton, SD instead of leaving Nov. 30th or Dec. 1st as we had hoped. 
I realize that not all goes as we plan sometimes but I can honestly say I was a bit sad when I left the post office today. It's the recognition that this will take even longer and that it pushes us into another holiday and may require me to do some coordinating from the Philippines. While the Christmas Eve candle-light service is one of my favorites each year, I know that family is more important. 
So as we agonize over our passport delay, we ask for prayers, not just for us and our family, but for the people of the Philippines who might not be celebrating Thanksgiving or Christmas with their loved ones. 

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