Friday, July 2, 2010


Last night was another great night for the youth and the youth leaders. During campfire Chris and I talked a little more about what it might look like to go back home and actually do hard things-making hard choices, but the right choices-even if it might be an unpopular one to make. We asked them, 'what might it look like or require of you' to go back home and do what is right?
Our scripture came from Ester 5:1, where Ester is standing in front of the thrown room entrance, dressed in all her royal guard-knowing that what she's about to do next could cost her-her life. You see, Ester was a 'no body' by today's standards-and even back then too, but God moved her away from all that and moved her into a situation in which she had great power and influence.
Nuts and Bolts:When her cousin Mordecai 'disrespected' Haman-someone who was more or less the 'right hand man' of the king, he was enraged and upset and decided to plot against the Jewish people in all of Persia. When Mordecai wouldn't bow down to Haman, he decided to form a plot against the Jewish people-using and abusing his favor with the king to make himself feel justified (thinking 'I'll  teach him a lesson). Well, Mordecai went to Esther and told her to talk to the king and save her people. She wasn't quite sure she could do it and when the time came...she stood before the entrance knowing it could cost her everything-her very life.
When Chris presented it to the youth...the spirit worked from within. Because when he was done, we had quote a few come up and talk about the 'hard things' they're scared to face when they go home and the 'hard things' they are struggling with this week-knowing they have to do something, but are afraid.
This week has been an awesome week and we have one last campfire to go-where we will bring it full circle! Pray that those who haven't shared and those who feel they should-will indeed stop denying their call and share what God has put upon their heart this week (maybe not at campfire, but in small groups, or during their quiet time with God alone). Our goal is to have them be honest with themselves, others, and their creator. I know not all of them will share at campfire, but I know they will sometime down the line...maybe not this week, but the next.
Again, continue to pray for growth in the lives of  these young people. And throw one or two up there for the bus drive and the youth leaders as we journey back to Lincoln, NE.

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shereen said...

Enjoy your last day in beautiful Colorado! Thanks to all of the youth leaders !
Shereen & Tom Mills