Saturday, December 14, 2013


Bigay, pronounced like big-eye, means share and I definitely have something to share with you. We spent a few days in Manila and went to the Mall of Asia-which is huge by the way, and even ordered in some KFC and Papa John's Pizza. We enjoyed the air-conditioned room and transportation and missed it as we transitioned from Manila to Laguna.
On our way to Laguna, where my parents live, she found out that her apartment doors had been changed without her knowledge. As mentioned awhile back, before we left, family was living with them and it turns out that when my parents left to pick us up from the Manila Airport, management changed the door knobs and keys so my mom's sisters couldn't gain access to it. The interesting thing is, mom had informed them they would be gone for a few days as they were picking us up and had plans to bring us to stay with them-they were told it was okay, yet while they were gone, they showed otherwise.
So a wrinkle was thrown into our plans as we neared Laguna without a place to stay. Enroute, my mother was busy making phone calls to family members who could help-one of them is Lezil, who is actually an agent, and she found a nearly new unit (remodeled). Once we go there, we found a single bedroom apartment, perfect for my folks, but not so great for everyone, it was a tight fit. *I hope to show some pictures of the living arrangements later.
The only issue with the apartment was that there was no air-conditioning and that became a problem for Noah. He wouldn't nap, wouldn't eat, and became quite irritable-we have since found a hotel with air-conditioning and all is well as his appetite has returned and he slept very well last night.
A couple of things I'd like to share in addition to the update (nutshell) above:
Here in the Philippines KFC, Burger King, and McDonald's all deliver meals-what would that look like in America? We already knew most pizza joints delivered, but we're talking fast food here. It's truly interesting and they also offer different items not found in the United States-for example: chicken and rice (native meal) along with other variations. You also get rice with your meals at all the above mentioned.
Air-conditioned vehicles are something you pay a premium for. One of the modes of transportation is a jeepney jeep but that leaves you open to elements, exhaust, and on a hot day...the heat. In Manila, most vehicles for hire are taxis that advertise, painted on their vehicle, whether they have "air con". Now, in Laguna, there aren't many taxis at all, but there are a lot of motorcycles with side carts and jeepney jeeps.
A final note, Holly and I are constantly amazed at the fact that there aren't more accidents. While there are lines drawn on the roads and lights to govern traffic, they are merely guidelines and rendered useless as all drivers, public or personal drive as they wish-especially those who haver personal motorcycles (they weave in and out of traffic and in between vehicles).
So we ask for continued prayers as venture out more and more with family to see some places and do some shopping. Thanks again for all your support.

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