Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I felt led to share something not just from Mike Yaconelli's book, but from personal experience...
There are too many who carry with them the scars of physical, emotional, and even psychological abuse. Too many are haunted by memories of a time when they were acted upon against their will-whether it be the 'ball and chain' of divorce, broken relationships, or betrayal...they all can leave someone scared and bitter. There are far too many who are trapped between facing their past and running from it and in today's world there's an increasing number of people whose past abuse has convinced them of their unworthiness. The sad part is, it's the abused who often disqualify themselves from the possibility of God's grace and the love of those around them.
I guess I can't stop going back to the woman at the well who had a transforming experience-a once in a life time encounter with Christ. You see, nothing had changed about her past, but everything had changed for her. She found a new focus, the haunting memories were still her past, but hope was now an essential part of her present.
As messy as our past has been, we are now free to seek the spiritual life with a renewed sense of eagerness and simplicity. When we focus on our 'ball and chain' we are choosing to look back and prevent ourselves from moving on or looking ahead. Now, if we focus on what lies ahead-the openness of God's world is limitless and has no bounds.
So this Christmas choose to be free! Don't be frozen or stuck to your past, be liberated by the goodness and saving grace of Jesus. After all, that was His present to be able to live in the arms of Grace.
My challenge is that each time you open up a present you remember Jesus' gift to you-not just on Christmas morn (the hope), but on that cross (freedom). From my family to yours...Merry Christmas.

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Holly said... are such an awesome writter and can put things into different persepectives for people. This one really spoke to me, because well, as you know, what you wrote describes me and how i feel because of my past. I will definalty take up your challenge in hopes it will better me and my Christian walk. Thanks babe! :)