Thursday, December 18, 2008


Rejection is the paralyzing experience of disapproval and exclusion. Rejection is what keeps others at arms length and gives the stamp of 'loser' to those outside the circle.
Remember the talk about how Jesus was quoted as saying: 'It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.' He wasn't just talking about those who are physically sick-with whom many He had performed miracles, but for those who are spiritually sick, broken, lost, and seeking something to fill that void in their lives.
Many search to fill their void in empty relationships-trying desperately to make things work when they know better. Perhaps lose themselves in keeping busy-taking on more than they can handle in order to keep up with an image that isn't them or to attain something that will never truly be them. Whatever path they take, they often end up broken and left feeling even more empty.
So I give you the Samaritan Woman at the well. Forget what you think you know about the story, read it again anew. I need you to refresh your memory so that we can unpack this a bit more...
Okay, now that you've read it think about it. She had five about a failure. Talk about someone who's a moral disaster and has failed too many times and made too many mistakes-especially in the department of love. The woman is a mess and of all the people she runs's Jesus. Now remember, she's a Samaritan woman going to get water (background: some scholars believe she came to the well around 12pm, when it was hottest during the day and because of her shame-everyone else would go to the well in the morning when it's the coolest) and she encountered Jesus who's tired and requests a drink.
Now, a respectable Jewish male shouldn't be talking to a Samaritan woman (it's okay though because we already know Jesus had the whole 'God' thing wrong-you know, healing on the Sabbath).
Curious, Jesus doesn't lecture or humiliate her...instead He treats her with respect and even takes the time to listen. And instead of focusing on her mistakes He simply reminds her of where her choices have led her.
Interesting huh? Now teenagers are known for pushing the envelope in just about every area of life-pushing the buttons of those around them...especially parents. And even when a child screws up (or when we screw up) and the deserve the whole 'I told you so' speech, some don't get what they deserve (we don't always get what we deserve). They know they're busted and come broken expecting a punishment, but Jesus never did.
Even when a woman was caught in the act and all the evidence pointed to her mistake...He said something so simple, yet so humbling: 'If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her.' You know what happened? Those who were so bent on busting someone-quick to condemn and point out their flaws and sought 'justice' were humbled by Jesus who merely put them in their place by offering them a different perspective.
Too often we find ourselves standing before the well-our well or void, looking for an answer and seek to find fulfillment. And after we've tried it our way and come back broken-we find someone there requesting our time...the funny thing is He's been there the whole time, we just haven't noticed or listened.
Now, go and be like the Samaritan woman (be free from your past) and the sinner who was dragged before Christ-go in peace and rejoice in the forgiving water given to you. Drink deeply and be whole for when there are condemners remember this: they haven't eaten their slice of humble pie.

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