Tuesday, June 16, 2009


While I realize that it's not an original title, it does seem fitting considering the last few nights of testimonies, stories, and sharing that the youth have done. As mentioned before, they are sharing out of their brokenness-they are finding out that they're not all that different and that they're all dealing with the same garbage and are more the same than different.
This gradual revelation has stirred in the hearts of many of our youth-you can see the Spirit working within them-convicting them to do more...to share. Some aren't there yet, but you know it's coming and I pray that throughout the week they might find freedom in their release-whether it be through a peer, youth leaders, or in front of everyone.
Pastor Jeff was here, he's the Pastor at Good Shepherd and he said that from what he witness-'I wouldn't have said anything like that when I was their age'. Amazing huh?
Well, it's off to breakfast and then to our main work site-we'll be there all day (until 3pm).
Keeping praying for the youth as they work, witness, and grow in this wonderful environment...

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Luan said...

Just want to encourage you to continue to update us. I visit your site at least once a day and pray for you and the youth. It makes me feel just a little bit a part of this reading and praying for no rain:0)