Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Today was another jam-packed one: the youth worked at Lost Antler Ranch-a place where ministry happens. The owner of the ranch is also the same man who started Blockbuster and Boston Market (just to name the most popular)...and he's a Christian who uses his money for God's Kingdom. However, the recent economy has been devastating...he now charges groups to rent his facilities.
The youth pulled weeds, carried, and hauled portions of trees that had be infected with the Pine Beetle-(like last year) it takes one year before the tree start dying, it doesn't even know it's dying. After about three years the tree is gray and is 'dead' to everyone's eyes, but after a year, it's still green and unless you take a closer look you wouldn't know a beatle had buried there/infested the tree.
Now, unto the campfire:
We had more youth come to share-there wasn't any rain-so we had an un-interrupted campfire session. Chris and I talked about the 'so what' implications of life. We had them chew on the 'what if you do' and 'what if you don't' concerning God's call upon your life. We gave them scenarios such as: What if Moses, who protested God's request/call and never helped out...and what about Jesus, what would've happened had he not gone to the cross for us and decided that he needed to prepare the disciples more because they weren't ready???
We went over scenarios about our lives too (about Chris and I)-how had they made different choices in life, we wouldn't be here today. This trip to Estes Park may never have been possible and how we wouldn't have ever met as colleagues and how we wouldn't have gotten a chance to work with such a wonderful group of volunteers and young people.
It was a good night to say the least. Thank you all for the continued prayers concerning weather, safety, and transformations. Good night, I'm off to bed...

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Luan said...

I was struck by the idea of a tree not even knowing it's dying at first, after being infected by the beetle. The implications for christian and what may be infecting their lives without their even knowing it struck me while reading your blog. Thanks so much for being there, taking care of our kids, and living the life.