Saturday, June 13, 2009


Well, we made it! That's not to say that we didn't have any 'hick-ups' today. However, in spite of it all attitudes-for the most part, are good. I think the bus ride was 'longer' for some or at least longer than they had hoped for. *It was no doubt a long day for everyone.
While, I won't go into details concerning the 'hick-ups', I will share something amazing. Shortly after camp fire many of the youth approached youth leaders for some time to chat. During that time a transformation began to take place in the hearts and minds of those on the trip. I know God has blessed this return to Estes...
If you'd like to follow along:
Exodus 3:1-3
Tagline: Go and see
Chris and I basically laid it out there-all of them (youth leaders included) were on this trip for a reason. Some have come to grow, some came to know they weren't alone, some came to make new friends and to help others, but they all came because they made a choice.
That's something we're going to dig deeper into-choices that we make. As the youth will learn, Moses had excuses, but they didn't hold water and God provided...and Moses did amazing things for God and His people.
Again, pray for the youth and the youth leaders on this trip. May this be an opportunity for growth and learning.
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The Kroekers said...

We are glad you arrived safely and we will continue to pray that you may experience Christ and His love in a great way. Enjoy serving and showing others the love of Christ.