Sunday, June 14, 2009


We read Exodus 3:1-4 and talked about how Moses answered God's call. Last night we spoke a bit about how we're all like Moses-there are things in our lives that get our attention like the burning bush. We also talked about how there's a difference between accepting God's call and society's invitation...we become consumed by the fire of sin in our lives. When we buy into our culture's line of 'the grass is greener on the other side' we find ourselves compromising who we are. Sometimes we sacrifice character and integrity and gain very little.
Tonight, the youth had a very transforming experience. It all started with one youth who was brave enough to get up and share from his inner most self-he was spilling the beans about something he had been carrying (a huge burden that was actually many).
Let me just say this...the Spirit moved the hearts of all those gathered around the camp fire tonight. Even strangers who heard us singing came to see what we were about.
The long and short...thank you for the prayers-not only was their no rain today, we had clear skies! The stars were out for all to see and it was truly beautiful and amazing. Keep praying everyone...your prayers have been heard and will continue to be answered too!
Sunday is a day of rest. We have granted the youth and the youth leaders an opportunity to take time to get closer to God. To sleep in if they need, but really, the goal is for them to grow closer to Him and to learn more-whether that be talking to a youth leader, digging into scripture, or going for a walk with God.
Again, thanks for prayers. This has been amazing and it's only day 2!

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