Saturday, June 13, 2009


We just got done working at two locations for two different groups: Habitat for Humanity and Christian Church of Estes Park.

Habitat had an awesome opportunity for the youth who had an eye-opening experience as they helped lower-income families. Estes is often thought of as a vacation 'hot spot' and no one thinks of this area as a place in need of help.
Interesting tid-bit: When I spoke to Spider, the Mission Coordinator in Estes she said that while it's official city records say only 15-19% of families are registered for Federal Aide (the school lunch programs and or food stamps), it's closer to 60-63% due. Many don't register because of embarrassment and ethnicity. Estes does have something similar to our 'Back-Pack' program in Lincoln.
The place in which the youth worked at was definitely in need-they picked up garbage in area and in their yards. They saw fighting among the youth in the neighborhood (with rocks and baseball bats). While there was mostly verbal arguing happening, there was one who did get hit by a bat (some of the youth leaders went to their aide).
-Later the youth leaders and the youth had a discussion about the various differences in social and family dynamics. Parents were in their homes, playing loud music and ignoring what's happening in their own backyards...some were smoking, but did nothing.

The other group went to Christian Church of Estes Park to help with the recent vandalism they've experienced. Again, the youth were up to the task and did a wonderful job!
Some of the work included helping them repair their paintball course: cutting down trees and branches in the way, loading them up on a 16 ft. trailer, hauling it out to the dump. They also painted over portions of their forts that had been vandalized.
They also helped the church with other tasks: cleaning, vacuuming, and sanitizing rooms.
The group that finished up the work for Habitat later joined the other group at the church to help. We got done a little early (which is a testament to the youth and the youth leaders commitment to this trip).
Well, that's all I have concerning work projects today. Consider yourselves fortunate though-I actually had time to be more specific. As the week wears on, that will change.
Keep praying for these wonderful group of youth and youth leaders. They had displayed Christ in their words and deeds today.
*Also, pray for good weather. Prior to leaving it was supposed to rain everyday-all day! That didn't happen today :)

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