Wednesday, November 19, 2008

God Of This City

I love Chris Tomlin's newest song: 'God Of This City'. It's an amazing song that made me stop and think. There are truly greater things yet to come, greater things still to be done in this city. And you can take it a step further too-this nation.
While there's still debate about the 2008 Election, it doesn't matter who you voted for because we have a Lord of this Nation-who is greater than our situation, political affiliation, and anything we can possible imagine.
I urge you all to read 2 Kings 17:9. It talks about how the people lost sight of what was most important-their God. They lost sight of their affiliation to what is right and what is good for others and set up 'pagan shrines'. Much like we have now we focus too much on self in our culture and we have our gods- the gods of movies, internet, texting, facebook, and even sports. In the end...what do we have to show for it? Brokenness & frustration...because there isn't enough time in the day for THE GOD-our true God, the one who sent His son.
Go listen to Chris' song and ask yourself these questions: Is there more that I can do for myself, my friends, my family? How can I improve my relationship with God? How can I grow as a person, friend, son or daughter?
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