Monday, November 24, 2008

The 'Slow' Club

As I sit in the Nashville Airport waiting for my flight (another 1 1/2 hr left), I can't help but notice everyone that walks or runs by my gate. It reminded me of one of the speakers we had at the National Youth Workers Convention-Mark Yaconelli. He's the son of Mike Yaconelli who was the co-founder of Youth Specialties and author of a great many books. Mark told a story about his youngest son who's different from the rest of the family.
One day they were sitting at the table asking about everyone's day and his youngest son-whose name escapes me now, said 'I joined a club!' Somewhat shocked, they asked what club? To which he replied...'the slow club.' Confused, they asked how many were apart of this club...his response: 'well, I'm the President!'.
Now you need to know something about Mark's youngest...he takes his time when it comes to everything. Getting ready for bed, school, and even eating.
Well, one day his son asked Mark if he wanted a one day pass. Mark did what any dad would do in such a situation...he accepted his sons generous offer. Later that day when he picked up his son from school to walk him home his son reminded him to slow down-walk slower and take notice. So he did, his son would point out various things and he himself saw somethings he took for granted...something we all take for granted-God's creation all around us!
When was the last time you looked up to the stars in awe? When was the last time you watched the sun go down? When was the last time you slowed down to notice God's creations-including your spouse and children?
If it's been a while...then you've earned your FREE pass to the Slow Club. Take time for family and God...slow down and don't be quick to speak. Try silence for once.
I'll be sure to write something else on my next layover...until then, enjoy your free pass.

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Chris said...

Jeff - great post - great weekend, glad I had a fellow youth leader like you to experience with....looking forward to the change Christ will do to the Church through our obedience.