Saturday, November 22, 2008

National Youth Worker's Convention-Day 2

Francis Chan is the man! He had such an awesome message to share with us during our General Session. (It was kinda sad though-it was David Crowder's last performance with us.) But back to Chan...he convicted me. He has moved me beyond words and when I left that session I felt so bold I had a plan of attack for when I returned to Lincoln.
The only problem would probably cost me my job. I will share the details of his talk when I return, but I will say this...Lincoln, NE-look out! When I get back, things are going to be different. Not just with my life, but the lives of those around me. I promise to bring a copy of his talk on DVD for my youth leaders to enjoy-they too may find a fire lit within them beyond words. Since those who are reading this might be this for me-grab your BIBLE. Read ALL of Acts and then read Luke 8:4-15 & Luke 14:25-35
What you may find out is that the early church was unstoppable! What they did was radical in their day and it may surprise you that the church today isn't unstoppable. You find that we argue and bicker about the littlest things of little importance when it comes to the kingdom of God. I think we as the Body of Christ need to take a hard look at ourselves. Are we like the church of old-unstoppable and one fire for God or just worried and scared about tomorrow?
In the parable of the sower we learn that some of us have become like the seed that feel upon the rock, or the seed thrown among the thorny plants of this world-working too much, too busy for God or His people.
Have you read the blog about Chris Tomlin's newest CD and song? God Of This City-is He really and is He the God of His own church? Or have we tainted it with our own focus, or own agenda that has lost it's sight in relation to God's vision for His people?
I could write forever, but I will stop there. Day 2 was amazing and I can't wait for the end of Day 3. There's already been a lot happening-forgive me for missing Day 2, but it was really that amazing-there are no words. In fact, I stayed up until 2:30am this morning talking to my roommate about God's call for us...and for His people. We struggle and wrestle with God, but there needs to come a point where we see His side of the argument or issue. After all, he is bigger than our situation, political affiliation, or even our doubts about the future-especially when it comes to money. Have faith...
Blessings upon you in this dark time...listen to Him, He's speaking to you in this time of need and transition. It's time to refocus our efforts and hearts on not worldly things, but Godly thing.

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