Monday, November 24, 2008

It hurts to sit...

While I sit in the Minneapolis Airport, the third airport stop for the day-I realize something. It hurts to sit too long! I don't want to get on the next flight because it hurts.
My pain got me often do people sit among us in worship on Sundays hearing the needs of the church but do nothing? How many sit there thinking that someone else will step up? The sad thing is, too many actually do that. The problem isn't that they're not capable, it's just that their commitment isn't to God. They're perfectly content with letting others step up and too often it's the same people who pick up the slack.
The danger here is forgetting baptismal vows, marriage vows, and our own baptism. As a body of Christ we said we would help this youth grow in the faith or help this young couple in their marriage. Now this isn't anything new really.
In James there are some passages I'd like to share: James 1:22 & James 4:17 GRAB YOUR BIBLE!
So you find that those verses talk about not 'merely listening to the word,' but 'do what it says.' And that 'anyone, who knows the good he ought to do and doesn't...sins'.
Wow, really? Well what I think we as God children too often forget is that we come to worship our God on Sunday and the rest of the week we are to go and serve. Be the change and love we want to see in the world.
Francis Chan says that lukewarm people love others but do not seek to love others as much as they love themselves. That their love of others is focused on those who love them-like family and friends.
He also says that it's not that they don't to serve God or others, but that there are limits on how much time, money, or energy they will give to furthering His Kingdom.
So does it hurt when you sit too long? If you know this pain it's time to get up! Lets go beyond our comfort zone and step out in faith. I leave you with this-please go look it up: Matt. 13:44-46
Lets stop playing it safe-we need to take a risk for God!

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